Best VPN Ratings

What you know about VPN Ratings

The VPN services are computing and mobile apps, which allow you to hide the location, IP address, and identity from the global. They encrypt every internet traffic by passing it through the private tunnel to secure the servers to ensure no one will see what you are downloading or reading. Not even the government, ISP, or even VPN service can access it. By doing this, VPN becomes the best rating when protecting your data, storing it anonymous and safe until you are connected with the online banking account, your favorite adult or retailer entertainment site. With the best VPN ratings, your emails, bank details, and browsing history will be kept away from the potentially prying eyes. Here are some of the VPN ratings.


It is among the best VPN ratings because of its fantastic apps, superb speeds, ease of use, full compatibility across the devices, and excellent 24/7 customer service. You may use it on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, BlackBerry, and even Linux. You may also install it in your games console, home router, or your Android TV. Anyone who requires a new VPN, ExpressVPN is the super rating with simplicity when using it with one-click startup option. For those who are looking for advanced and sophisticated options, it offers the DNS leak protection and kill switch.


This is the second best VPN rating. If there is a need for pure security, then NordVPN is the best options for you with the 2048-bit encryption provider that could leave even blocked out and a military impressed. By being specific, it has more than 5,500 servers which are spread for more than 60 countries. This gives you the durable protection DNS leak, excellent connection, and kill switches speeds. NordVPN has unique features which include the proxy extensions for Bitcoin, credit cards, PayPal, Firefox, and Chrome.


IPVanish is also the best VPN ratings which boast with more than 1,300 servers who are in 75 countries and more. It has 24/7 customer service together with whopping 10 which is simultaneous connected with the available of time. You can even use it as the IPVanish works on many devices, which include Mac, Android, iOS, and Windows. The desktop apps typically offer many options which will keep the pros very happy, while just-work simplicity is there for everybody. It functions with an above average of speeds which become a nice bonus. Lack of the kill switch on a mobile version of an app can be the downside for some though everything works well.

Hotspot Shield

It is well-known for the free option which has been included as the best VPN rating because of the premium quality and paid option. It has the best feature which has made the competition because of the super low price. When you cannot stomach the cost of ExpressVPN, then Hotspot Shield becomes the best option with cheap option. Likewise, it has limitations versus the competition. For instance, lack of the support for an OpenVPN standard, which means you can’t set it up to your games console, Chromebook, or router because it has no specific apps.