Total AV vs Scanguard vs Avast

Total AV vs Avast, both are identical and great reputed as antivirus. Avast costs are too high $95.99 and on the other hand, Total AV costs $19.95 for your device security.

In this article entitled with Total AV vs Avast, we will compare both on the basis of attributes, safety, functionality, service, and Usability but about Avast you can read in Avast antivirus review. Let’s start it today.

Total AV vs Avast: Prices Comparison

Avast charges higher amounts because of its security services. It costs $40 for a single device, for 3 devices you need to pay $55 and for five devices you need to pay $85.

The costs come down to $14 per device if you are going to purchase for 10 devices simultaneously.

Further, both provide a money back guarantee also.

Total AV vs Avast: Device Protection

Your device is the area where you store your data, either private or business. You might lose your data indefinitely if attacked by any hacker, virus or malware. In such a circumstance, antivirus is the must-have a part.

You need to be smart and wise when selecting an antivirus. Fortunately, Avast and Total AV can be found to fill the area of safety. Both antiviruses provide similar services to safeguard your system/devices. Both includes:

  • Quick Scan
  • Deep Scan
  • USB Scan
  • Registry Startup Scan
  • Auto Scanning
  • Manual Scanning
  • Real-Time Scan

Avast does not offer Chat/MI protection whilst Total AV protects it.

Furthermore, they provide their extensions to test either a website is safe or it comprises any danger.

By using their applications/software, you will be notified whenever a website will attempt to harm/steal your information.

Other apparatus platforms are being encouraged.

Users found both applications as easy to use. Hence the usage of simplicity score of both is 5 out of 5.

Support Comparison

Both antiviruses have great support. You may access them via telephone call and email whilst ticket support is also offered. Hence Total AV is the winner in service comparison.

Additional Feature

These are given below.

  • Personal Firewall
  • Gamer Mode
  • Smartphone Optimization
  • Safe Browser
  • Personal Firewall
  • Service for using VPN
  • Smartphone optimizer
  • Tune-up utility for device
  • Browsing safer

Both provide almost similar additional capabilities. The difference is that Avast supplies gaming style while TotalAV doesn’t. Further, Total AV features device tune-up and Avast doesn’t. Both antiviruses do not provide parental control services.

You may try their free versions as testing and select the better one. You can even purchase their antivirus software with a money back guarantee. Your review is important and helps us to update the information so, don’t forget to share your ideas and expertise by commenting.

ScanGuard Features

Protection from malware

Protection from various malicious applications like Trojan Horses & Worms designed to cause harm to your computer or smartphone

Spyware Guard

Defend against applications designed to collect the data from the device without letting the users know, stealing logins, card information and more

Adware Guard

This prevents the adware, i.e. unnecessary advertisements that affect the user experience from loading or opening in the browser window.

Safe Site Extension

The extension can be great for blocking the unsafe sites that contain viruses which can infect your computer or do bitcoin mining in the computer.

Identity Protection

The Identity Protection Service will keep your private data from the wrong hands.